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Historic Tirol

Historic Tirol for Cities Skylines.

Historic Tirol – Campaign Modding Test

SHOULD NOW WORK! Sorry about that ladies and gentlemen…

You need to download the associated mod for this to work: “Sub-mod for Historic Tirol”
The “Alms” initially are not shown in the industry list and do not produce anything, but will “turn on” when you connect them to the towns. To find them, click the question mark over the towns (e.g. Zirl, Umhausen, etc.).

Testing out the ability to make custom campaigns and missions. This one is the first step in a long historical scenario about the history of Tirol, a province of Austria. It takes you through a mission to connect and supply food to several towns. The challenge is builing roads between the “Alms” and the villages through very mountainous terrain. It is possible with careful building to build all the roads with less than the bonus you recieve upon completion.

At this point, the “Alms” have no serious graphics – I’m not a graphic or 3D artist, so if anyone wants to volunteer to make some models for them and for future special mission buildings, please let me know.
I already have lots of ideas to add to the mission, but more are welcome.

Large file size so be patient.

The residential areas of the cities require food.
Its possible to play with mods – start the mission, save it, then reload from the main “load menu” where you can add other mods.
There are no industries except the 6 Alms at present.

Credits: Historic Tirol

File Details:141.7 MB / ZIP
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