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Hearts of Iron IV – Yugoslav State Overhaul (1.10)

Yugoslav State Overhaul (1.10) for Hearts of Iron IV.

The Yugoslav State Overhaul (YSO) is a mod to attempt to fix Paradox’s poor attempt at representing the region correctly in the base game, and features many quality-of-life changes and bugfixes from the latest update.

Added States
This mod adds a total of 8 new states to the Yugoslav region, to make much better borders and occupation lines. The mod also features brand new and accurate Kosovo province borders, so Kosovo actually looks like Kosovo on the map now!

Central Macedonia in Greece has been given a minor change, being given the northern-most province of Eiprus to help create nicer occupation borders in Greece too.

Adjusted Banovinas
Since the latest update, Yugoslavia can balkanise itself into a number of smaller banovinas before reuniting or going for complete independence. This mod makes some adjustments in regards to this, and creates (hopefully) nicer borders from it. Dalmatia and Vojvodina are now complete tags in the game and are no longer cosmetic tags, how they are in base game for whatever reason, so they can be released however you please. The regions of West Banat and Vojvodina have now been united into one autonomous state of Vojvodina when released, as releasing Transylvania made little sense. The option to balkanise certain banovinas has also been factored in, and can lead to a wide variety of different borders when selected.

Accurate Borders
Because of the state changes, historically accurate borders are now more possible than ever! the Axis occupation states are now fully represented, from Italian claims to Hungarian, and post-war SR borders are also possible, which also double as the modern borders of the former Yugoslav region.

Full Focus Tree Support
The mod is also fully compatible with any focus tree that references Yugoslavia, that being Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia itself, Romania and Germany. These changes all work with each other, and in cases such as Yugoslavia giving up Slovenia, will now give Germany Slovenia if they have completed Anschluss.

Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor

Credits: Ironside

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