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Hearts of Iron IV – Warships Designer Overhual

Warships Designer Overhual for Hearts of Iron IV.

Unable to recreate the historical accurate Yamato? This is the right mod for you. This mod allow player to fit every modules that can visually fit on the ship to the ship.

Version 1.0:
This mod would allow player to put equipments on every space of the ship. The weight, cost and fire power of every equipments has been reduce accordingly, so the ship would be too powerful, slow or expensive after after you put every equipment on to it. Every already existing ship is already compatible to the mod. You can just modify every ship as you want.

Version 1.1:
Main Battery with different Caliber on one-, two-, three-, four-gun turret are introduced to the game.

This mod is compatible with any mod that do not use the same file as this mod does.

Alt-History Mod often won’t change the naval tech tree. You can just overwrite every file except history from their mod with mine. It should work without any major problem.(No Kaiserreich I am working on the overwrite pack)

Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns

Credits: wagnerleung0079

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Warships Designer Overhual - Modsup.com

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