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Hearts of Iron IV – Vanilla Performance Improvements

Vanilla Performance Improvements for Hearts of Iron IV

Gain a 5% – 15% performance increase without any loss of functionality or gameplay features.

With the release of 1.6.2 patch, new modding features have been added that allow for large performance increases, especially in targeted decisions (which are a major performance hog). I have rewritten a lot of vanilla code (18 decision files, 11 event files and a few other have been modified) to make use of those features, as well as fixed some strange design choices and poorly written triggers. The result is an increase in performance by 5% – 10% on average, and up to 20% per in-game hour (measured with the Script Profiler tool). This results in noticeably less stutter and much smoother gameplay, on both low-end and high-end PCs.

Nothing has been removed or changed gameplay-wise. The only loss of content are a few tooltips. Quite frankly, there is no reason not to use this mod.

The major issue with targeted decisions is that they need to check every country to see if it can be a target. New features allow to limit which countries are checked, which results in major performance boosts.

Modders: a guide to how to speed up your targeted decisions can be found here: https://hackmd.io/s/HyeTFARv4

This mod is compatible with any other mod, under the condition that it is overwritten by other mods (that is the reason for the hyphen in the mod name) – of course, as my changes are overwritten, that may result in loss of performance gain.

Feel free to use this as a basis for your own mods, just credit me. I tried to add comments to code I have modified, but I wasn’t being consistent. Sorry! Best to use a comparison software like Meld or WinMerge to see what I have changed.

Requires 1.6.2 or newer to work.

Is not Ironman compatible, and it is impossible to make it so.

Logo by Indyclone.

Check other stuff I have worked on, especially Equestria at War

Credits: Yard1

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