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Hearts of Iron IV – Unthinkable Path Rebooted

Unthinkable Path Rebooted mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

What is this About?
The Unthinkable Path Rebooted is a mod that focus on reworking Communist Party of Japan focus tree added in Waking The Tiger.Which significantly weaker and less fun when compared with other branches.But we didn’t stop here,several changes have also being made to communist branch of most of the countries to make them go easier.
What does this feature?
First of all,12 unique songs added into base game radio.
With UPR, The CPJ can launch a civil war with most of the people’s support(Via focus Revoluton for everyone ) or just fight on their own(Via focus Cast The Dice ) , also requesting international brigades’ support via a focus.
After the revolution is won.Those Fascists scum will flee to manchuria, however it is not done yet. They are still plotting for their return. From acquiring axis volunteers to sign a pact with KMT. Brace yourselves,boys!.
Inside,CPJ has a bunch of things to do to improve your interior war capacity to prepare for a bigger rush and spread the revolution abroad.Let the red Japan navy rule the seas!
Also, we have made quite a few of adjustments to PRC ,adding generals and admirals ,chaging focus tree and added a large portion of decisions,events and focuses to unify China and further push world revolution forward and deepen sino-japan cooperation or even,intergration.
To makes everything funnier,The PRC AI has also been tweaked to be stronger, building more divisions and focus more on land battle
There is also a tweak to soviet AI,which they use proper templates and equipments for their divisions and events to buff them so that they can fight back as they were in real life.
And More to exlpore!
Enjoy yourselves during this ride and long live the Revolution!
MOD created, designed, coded and written by CuteTrap. Translated and co-designed by IndelibleGlacier.

Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger
Hearts of Iron IV: La Ru00e9sistance
Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns
Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory
Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor

Credits: IndelibleGlacier, CuteTrap

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