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Hearts of Iron IV – United We Are Strong [WIP]

United We Are Strong [WIP] for Hearts of Iron IV


This is alternative history mod, what if Hitler’s rise ignited German civil war
and Germany would be separated once again, what if Atatürk was assasinated and
Turkey lost war of independence, what if African colonies revolted against European
colonists, you can find this and much more in this mod!

This mod is WORK IN PROGRESS, lot of the stuff in the mod will be changed
Mod will be made in few steps:

1.STEP : Creating countries, smoothing borders, making better flags and adjectives,
adding historical politic figures and generals with their real photos if possible

2.STEP : Creating armies and division templates for countries

3.STEP : Creating different national focus trees for ALL countries and adding national spirits

4.STEP : Balancing every country

5.STEP : Creating lore for every country and creation of factions

If you want to help in any way DM me on Steam or on Discord, every help is welcome!

Hours spent counter : 14

Credits: Eron, Ukraine SSR

Download Hearts of Iron IV – United We Are Strong [WIP] - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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