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Hearts of Iron IV – Unaligned-Germany Infantry Model

Unaligned-Germany Infantry Model for Hearts of Iron IV.

Add a unique model for German Empire

How to use it / How to turn on this model:
Finish the Germany focus “Revive the Kaiserreich”

Q:Does this mod adapt to other mods?
A:NO, as you can see it needs the vanilla focus tree

Q:Can I borrow your model?
A:Actually, I didn’t even make a model, this model is just done by paradox and updated with the 1.10, I just make it playable, so everyone can mix this mod into your own.

Q:Why need Waking the Tiger?
A:As I said upon, this model is made by paradox but updated for Waking the Tiger keeper.

Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

Credits: Ina Miyo

Download Link #1

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