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Hearts of Iron IV – Timelapse Unit Display

Timelapse Unit Display for Hearts of Iron IV.

This is only usable if you want to a Timelapse. Also we still need to fix somethings. This mod has been inspired by Christopher.

The best Way to use this mod is:
1. enter a game. (non ironman)
2. pick a isolated non important country.
3. type “fow” into the console.
4. zoom out to a good position.
5. set up OBS/other recording software and crop out the ui (CTRL-F9 doesnt work)Compatibility

This mod will work with mods which doesnt edit/change the unit view.
E.x: Strategic View Adjustments.

Credits: Lewis, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Blanba

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Timelapse Unit Display - Modsup.com

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