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Hearts of Iron IV – Thousand Week Reich

Thousand Week Reich for Hearts of Iron IV.

“A Realistic Axis Victory Timeline…”

The year is 1952 – while the spectre of Nazi domination stands over a nightmarish Europe, the western powers led by the rising United States and the battered but not beaten United Kingdom rise to challenge the wavering German superpower. Since its victory at Dunkirk and the long and costly war against the Soviet Union, Germany’s cruel and nightmarish rule over Europe seems outwardly secure, but as Hitler grows old and ill, instability and rebellion threaten to shake this ‘New Order’ apart. At the same time, the ripples caused by the fall of Europe roll across the globe changing the course of history, with European colonial empires falling and a rising Chinese Republic eager to fill the vacuum left by a defeated Japan. though the memory of war lies fresh in the memories of everyone, the perverse status quo cannot hold for long…

Thousand Week Reich is an alternate history mod that attempts to bring a sense of grounded, gritty realism to the age-old trope of an Axis ‘victory’ in the Second World War. Originally based on a series of maps by AP246/Proximexo, the TWR mod aims to explore a more grounded and ‘realistic’ version of the trope of a victorious Nazi Germany. Enter the world of TWR in 1952 and fight to hold onto the disintegrating remains of German ‘New Order’ or rise up to the task of defeating the oppressor and liberating Europe from Nazi tyranny.

Current Features:

  • A full immersive alternate history world and timeline, with hundreds of flavour and worldbuilding
    events and many different routes for history to go down.
  • Finished Focus Trees and content for:
    • Germany, German colonies and puppets
    • Italy and its puppets Greece and Albania
    • China and Tibet
    • The ‘Toronto Accord’ powers of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada
    • The Soviet Union, Russian Republic and Russian warlord states
    • Finland
    • Sweden
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Japan
    • Korea
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Venezuela
    • The French State and Free France
    • India
    • Syria and Iraq
    • Armenia*some minor nations will be subject to change in future updates
  • Minor content for some other countries eg. Egypt, Vietnam
  • Custom decisions and mechanics unique to many countries
  • Detailed internal politics for many countries, including 9 ideologies, a government type system and economic development level system
  • New custom GUI
  • Custom Cold War era tech tree based on the tree kindly given by the Minutes to Midnight team,
  • GDP Interface
  • UN Mechanic

Credits: AP246, AGA_, The Lobby™

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