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Hearts of Iron IV – The "Salty Anarchist Mod" for 1.6.1

The “Salty Anarchist Mod” for 1.6.1 for Hearts of Iron IV

Adds anarchism and monarchism as new ideologies to the game
Leaders for anarchist and monarchist countries. (Portraits are colorized by me, black-and-white, or color photos.)
Events and focuses geared towards anarchism and monarchism
Many national focus trees have anarchist and monarchist alt-history paths
More historical leaders for various countries such as Enver Hoxha being Albania’s Leninist Leader.
New traits, advisors, and more!

This is an update to a mod that seems to have gone dead as the mod dev doesn’t update it anymore so I updated it myself for 1.6.1.

I did not Make this mod or any content in it, Features desc taken from the original mod

Credits: Arch

Download Hearts of Iron IV – The "Salty Anarchist Mod" for 1.6.1 - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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