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Hearts of Iron IV – The Phoenix Rises V1.1

The Phoenix Rises mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

If you already have the old version of this mod, please scroll to the bottom to see V1.1 Patch Notes. Also make sure to install this new version or you’ll be missing out on new in-game features!

In the calm before the storm, a bolt strikes- the assassination of Ionnis Metaxas, leader of Greece. From within the dissaray of the political system, a proud and eager historian by the name of Perzeuz Konstantinos has worked his way into the government through stubbornness and diplomacy, leaving him with the power to materialize the ideas he holds of a resurrected empire; New Byzantium.

Take control of the small nation, and conquer your way back to Byzantine greatness! Bend the people to your will, and choose their politics for them!

Research a Byzantine-specific new unit, and use it to rip the enemies to shreds! Including nearly 30 new events, an extensive new focus tree, and a country-specific new technology for a brand-new unit, this mod gives you options to play however you choose- oppose the Nazis, and protect the passage to Africa, befriend Hitler, and become a member of the Axis? Or in late game, become democratic and expand your political reaches to the Americas, forge new political factions, and spread democracy across the world… Or maybe even… Start World War 3?

The choices are yours as The Phoenix Rises, decide the fate of the world now!

Version 1.1 Update Notes:

  • Fixed an issue in which cores would not be gained on Greek territory as a result of the opening event of the game
  • Added tank technology flavor descriptions
  • Fixed an error in which the synthetic refinery production would not produce specific resources as per the technology unlock
  • Added a new integrated decisions section
  • Decisions aid campaign progress by helping core states and give other benefits
  • One sparkling new decision reward for completing the restoration campaign

Credits: A.J.Holden (3AG)

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