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Hearts of Iron IV – The Great Lakes Confederation Map

The Great Lakes Confederation Map mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

The Great Lakes Confederation is an alternate history country composed of dozens of tribes that united in the 18th century. This mod contains a unique focus tree for The Great Lakes Confederation along with new events, advisors, decisions and more for the new country.

The mod currently only works for the 1936 start date but I may expand it to 1939 in the future. If you want to see the new main menu background you must play without any of the expansions enabled.

Focus Tree

The focus tree has four main sections.
Our Path to the sea: As the Great Lakes Confederation you start out with no coastal states. By negotiating with your neighbors you can get new lands that border the Atlantic. Alternatively you can just conquer the lands yourself. After you get access to the sea you can start to develop a navy quickly by repurposing trade ships and building dockyards fast.

Isolation no longer: Your starting trade and economy laws are isolation and closed economy but the first focus in this section takes you off of these. This section also allows you to deal with the Canadian Industrial Influence idea that makes you lose resources and political power. You can join the Allies, Axis, Comintern, or make your own faction. Finally this section gives you an annex goal against Canada (remember that since both you and Canada are both guaranteed by the USA you can go to war with Canada without the USA going to war with you).

Rally the lake chiefs: This section serves as your internal politics section where you can decide to continue to be non-aligned or move towards Fascism. At the end of this section you will unlock the industrial section.

Warrior spirit: This section is the military section with both an army and air force branch. In the army branch you can choose one of three lines and at the end you unlock strong special forces focuses.


The Great Lakes Confederation holds all the lands surrounding The Great Lakes. Your neighbor to the north is weaker than you but to your south the United States is far stronger. You start out with enough factories to make a formidable army and if you conquer Canada you will be able to form The Great North Confederation which will unlock powerful decisions.


There are around 75 events which each have localization and pictures.


There are flags for each ideology and 7 possible leaders many of which have unique traits. There are also dozens of new advisors who each have new pictures.

Future Plans

I plan on adding more events in the future and adding leader descriptions. I also plan on making the Communist branch more fleshed out. I also want to make unique models for the soldiers and add unique names for the equipment. If anyone has any ideas they want to send to me feel free to do so. This is my first mod so I hope you enjoy it!

Credits: daslamhamer

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