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Hearts of Iron IV – The Glory of Prussia

The Glory of Prussia for Hearts of Iron IV

This is a mod which creates a new nation, Prussia in Ostpreussen.

After the German defeat in The Great War, the state of Ostpreussen was split from Germany by the Polish Corridor. This opened up an opportunity for Wilhelm II to take back his rightful monarchy. In 1924 Wilhelm set sail from the Netherlands with two destroyers, the KKM Wilhelm I and the KKM Albert Fredrick. After landing in Königsberg he quickly took control of th city with the help of a local milita, who were loyal to the Kaiser. Since the Weimar Republic’s military was severly weakened from the treaty of Versailles, Germany had to pull back its troops, and sign the declaration of independence for Prussia.

After Weimar Republic’s embarrasing defeat, two of the generals in the army decided they would be better off serving the Kaiser. More specifically Heinz Guderian and Fedor von Bock. Both were born in areas originally owned by Prussia before the German unification in 1871, and were welcomed with open arms by the Kaiser.

Now 12 years later, Hitler has seized power in Germany, and the fascist influence is reaching our towns. Communism is spreading from the east, and small elements of democrats have been speaking up. It is up to you to choose which path Prussia will take! Will you restore the old colonies, or stay in Europe? Will you turn to Fascism or Communism, maybe even Democratic? Maybe you will stay loyal to the monarchy? It is up to you!

Glory to Prussia

Credits: Dref

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