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Hearts of Iron IV – Tanks for Other Nations

Tanks for Other Nations for Hearts of Iron IV

This mod adds an assortment of tank models from Major nations to minor nations by changing the 3D sprites. This does not effect Research Trees.

Brazil, Isreal & Greece will have US tanks.

Netherlands will have Panzer 3 & 4 + Sherman tanks.

Belgium, Honduras & Mexico will have French tanks.

Chile will have Czech Light tanks and the M4 Sherman in addition to French Tanks.

Austria, Columbia, Venezuela, Croatia, Spain & Iran will have German tanks.

Iran will also have Czech Pzn 35 and Pzn 38.

Chinese warlords will have mixed tank sets from Japan, US, and the Soviets. (From my ROC Tank Mod)

Norway & Sweden will have British tanks.

Finland will have some Soviet tank (That they captured during the Winter War)

Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) will have Soviet tanks.

Poland Will have soviet tanks only in the Medium and Heavy branch.

Serbia and Macedonia will have Soviet Tanks.

Dutch East Indies will have Stuart and M4 Sherman.

Portugal will have US Light tanks, Panzer 4, Cromwell, Comet and the Sherman.

American Political Factions (CSA and USB) now have US Tanks.

For some tanks you need the Colonel Edition Pack and Death or Dishonor.

Mod requested by [h.j.haller].

Credits: 袁銀-TW

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Tanks for Other Nations - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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