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Hearts of Iron IV – Sweet Home California

Sweet Home California mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

This mod is the updated version of Sweet Home California (an Old World Blues submod based off of Shattered Wasteland). Yes, this is technically speaking a redux of a redux. I will not be frequently making content updates and will instead strive to balance, improve, and bugfix the already existing work and keep the mod compatible with both Hearts of Iron 4 and Old World Blues. Regardless, I hope I can make the mod more enjoyable for everyone. 

Nations that currently have focus trees that differ from base OWB: Summers Federation, Shady Sands Republic, The Boneyard, Dayglow Federation, Baron’s Republic, The Boomers, Blackfoot Tribe, Phoenix Republic, Republic of Redding, Hopeville, Shi, and Western Brotherhood of Steel.

People who have contributed to this mod at any given point to my knowledge are as follows: Magnum2016 for the idea of the mod, Commander Vex, Wuusjin, Halvor, and ColonelC for their work on the original Sweet Home California mod, T the Light Tank for localisation, Mikael R for localisation, and the ERB and OWB dev teams for sharing their assets with the mod.

Required Mod:
Old World Blues

Credits: Uncle Sam

Download Link #1

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