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Hearts of Iron IV – Southern Victory

Southern Victory for Hearts of Iron IV.

Current Version: Alpha “American Front”

Set in a world where Robert E. Lee wins a triumphant victory for the Confederacy in 1862, leading to southern independence, Southern Victory explores a world where the American continent was divided in two for the better part of a century. Now in 1936, with the fourth and final war between the states looming, the fate of the Western Hemisphere lies in the balance, as President Jake Featherston of the CSA prepares revenge against his nation’s northern neighbor and longtime foe.


  • Focus Trees for USA, CSA, Mexico, New Afrika, Deseret,
  • Demonstration events for the rest of the world
  • Years of content made as accurate to the books as possible
  • Custom made map texture
  • Loads of custom GFX pieces, such as Portraits and Icons


  • Content for all major nations
  • US rework including custom GUI based election system
  • Custom GFX for all focuses and ideas
  • New ideologies and ministers system

Credits: Hexcron, Drew

Download Link #1


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