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Hearts of Iron IV – Rename States (With Keyboard!)

Rename States (with keyboard!) for Hearts of Iron IV

Rename any owned state to whatever name you want, with your keyboard, just like in EU4.

To rename a state, you need to be its owner, and fully control it. Just click on the state’s name in the state information window, and start typing in. You can always reset the state name to the default one with a Reset State Name button.

Support for English, Russian (thanks to DRAFT), Polish and German keyboards is included. More keyboard languages to come.

Couple notes:
– This is a real state rename (using set_state_name effect), there are no smoke and mirrors involved.
– No vanilla files are overwritten, and this mod should be compatible with any mod, including ones that change the map.
– The mod can be added and removed at any point.
– Renames persist through save games, and work in multiplayer (any player can rename their states).
– You can type up to 32 characters.
– You can delete typed characters with Backspace.
– Some special characters are supported (exclamation marks, question marks, commas, etc.).
– If you are running the game in English, characters from other languages may not display correctly. That is due to how fonts work in HoI4.

It’s not fully tested, so let me know if you notice any bugs.

Requires 1.6 or newer to work.

Credits: Yard1, DRAFT

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Rename States (With Keyboard!) - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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