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Hearts of Iron IV – Rebirth Of Poland

Rebirth Of Poland mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Welcome to my fashion!
It is currently Beta 0.1 so there may be bugs

The mod includes:

over 400 national goals:
5 Sanacja trees
Group of Colonels
Castle Group
the division of powers between Mościcki and Rydz-Śmigły
Rydz the Brave’s dictatorship
Bartel’s Return (Not finished)

Democratic Parties:
“Starzy” from Endencja
People’s Party (Needs Rework)
Front Morges
The National Radical Movement of the Phalanx
Polish Socialist Party
Polish Anarchist Federation (Not finished)
The rebirth of the Polish Monarchy
“Młodzi” from Endencja (not finished)
Historical tree after surrender (If you choose Sanacja and alliance with the West)
Over 70 events

Credits: Tęczowy Krzysiu - Zielonek

Download Link #1

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