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Hearts of Iron IV – Random Flavor Events

Random Flavor Events mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Not Ironman Compatible
Should be compatible with any mod

Hello, and welcome to Random Flavor Events.
This mod is trying to fixe the following problems:
-The realisation that stability, war support and party popularity are pretty static. They do not evolve or change.
-The lack of dynamism and alive feeling from occupied territories
-The lack of flavor events like in Crusader Kings

So this mod introduce more than 100+ dynamic and random flavor events.
Why random ? Because they will occur (or not) on a totally random basis.
Why dynamic ? Because they will change depending on your ideology, will require choices and some may only appear in particular conditions (occupation, war, capitulation)

This is a new and original standalone system. Only bigger conversion mods like Kaiserreich or Old World Blues have such systems.
This will make the game more dynamic and random (so more fun), and will give you opportunities and challenges.
Even though it is random, it is made to be historically accurate (so no coup or country leader assassinations).
Those are only flavour and realistic events. They might be benefical, detrimental, an opportunity or none.

Credits: Tchad

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