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Hearts of Iron IV – Overhauled Generic Focus Tree

Overhauled Generic Focus Tree for Hearts of Iron IV.

This is a mod that overhauls [with more updates and expansions planned] the generic focus tree to make playing HOI4 a more, hopefully, immersive and “lived in” experience.

This mod attempts to improve how minor nations interact with the world around them, whilst also improving their economic situations, so that their contributions are no longer worthless.

This mod is a work in progress, as balancing something like this is no easy task. Feedback is always welcome.

While this mod does technically work without any DLC enabled, it is highly recommended that you play with DLC, as some features of the focus tree wouldn’t be in full effect.

This mod attempts to be as compatible as possible, and should work with any mod that doesn’t alter the generic focus tree in any way.

Notable Features:
-Historical AI Enabled Ready. With historical ai focus enabled, the generics will stick to the party ideology they start the game with, and puppets of other nations will not switch to an alternate ideology out of no-where.

-Alt-History Ready. Without historical ai on, minor nations will randomly pick ideaologies and make an effort to particpate in the world around them.

-Long Term Strategy. The focus tree has a section for military doctrines that will give you significant boosts based on the military doctrine that you decided to go with. Checks are also in place to ensure that AI generics pick a doctrine boost based on the doctrine they are attempting to pursue, rather than choosing them at random.

-Significant Advantages. Whilst not over-powering the generics too much, many of the national spirits are designed to give them a better fighting chance to survive the turbulent world they exist in.

-Political Tree. HOI4’s political party system, I feel, is very basic, lumping anyone who is a communist together and so on. The included political tree allows you to customize your nation a bit, giving relative bonuses, and consequences based on what you have selected. No longer will every communist in the game seem to be exactly the same.

-Continuous Development. I plan on continually developing this mod so that it can reach its full potential. It is currently in a very playable, and I believe, enjoyable state, but there is still more to come.

I hope you have as much fun playing the mod as I did making it!

Planned Updates In No Particular Order:

-Expand the Navy Foci
-Expand the Air Force Foci
-Add unique images for some foci and national spirits, so that they can better represent their meaning
-Expand the Political Path tree
-Add descriptions to foci once political path tree has been expanded
-Redo descriptions already on foci if necessary
-Add relevant search filters to foci


7/6/2020: Fixed nations not switching to non-aligned governments, even though they went down the relevant path. Base game apparently doesn’t have any system to convert to non-aligned normally, even when they have overwhelming support.

7/6/2020: Balancing in historical mode. AI should wait till 1940 to begin Industry Effort. Done to reduce the huge amounts of weapons sitting in their stockpile before the war starts, meaning when they are annexed early on, some nations get 60,000+ infantry equipment and so on. Also motivated Bulgaria to align itself to the Axis earlier in the game, so they don’t wait till late 1941 or 1942, which messes up the AI Italy invasion of Greece big time.

7/3/2020: Initial Release


Q: I found a bug, how do I report it?
A: Awesome! Please leave as detailed a report as you can in the discussion thread labeled “Bugs” below.

Q: I feel like there is a problem with balancing, how do I report it?
A: Post it in the discussion thread labeled “Balancing” below.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X?
A: It depends. This mod will probably work with essentially any mod that doesn’t change the generic focus tree, or drastically change the AI, such as the Expert AI mod.

Q: I have a suggestion for an addition to the mod. Where to I put it?
A: Suggestions are always welcome! Leave them in the discussion thread labeled “Suggestions” below.

Q: Some of these bonuses seem rather high. Why is that?
A: Playing as a minor is always a difficult challenge, especially when you are playing in ironman mode/not using cheats. I myself like to ramp up bonuses for other nations to make the game a real challenge. To compensate for this, I give minors at first seemingly high bonuses, but the reality is that these bonuses still can’t determine an absolute victory against a major nation.

Q: Is this mod ironman compatible?
A: Nope, sorry it isn’t.

Q: Does this mod work with historical ai on?
A: Yes it does! The focus tree is scripted to ensure that with historical ai on, it will only pick the political path of its current party. However, they wait to select any politics till 1941, which gives the Axis time to convert others, such as Bulgaria and Romania.

Q: Why does the tree give away so much infrastructure?
A: With over 1600+ hours into HOI4, one of my biggest problems with the game is that the AI will contribute huge amounts of their armies to fight in areas with little to no infrastructure. One such example is Norway, in which seemingly 50 Allied and 50 German divisions try to duke it out in the mountains, resulting in stupidly high attrition and therefore huge equipment costs because the AI doesn’t understand that 50 v 50 in the mountains with no infrastructure to begin with isn’t a swell idea. Therefore, by giving away a lot of infrastructure, once majors fight over minors territory, some of this can be negated. Don’t worry, with ample fighting the infrastructure will become heavily damaged like normal, so 100 divisions wouldn’t be able to sit in Greece for too long. However, in Historical AI mode, AI generics will wait until 1940 to go down the Industry route, to ensure that when Germany annexes Belgium, they don’t get 60,000+ infantry equipment etc.

Q: Why does the tree give away so many building slots?
A: HOI4 games often extend beyond what occurred in WW2, and often last much later than 1945. As a result, giving away more building slots allows minors to be able to adapt and still contribute in the war effort well beyond 1945. By giving away building slots instead of a mass amount of buildings, the AI will need to take its time to build the additional factories it needs, but it will have sufficient enough room to build what it requires. After all, when the livelihood of your nation is at risk, I’m sure a nation can find enough room to squeeze in another factory or two.

Q: Some of the foci icons and national spirit images don’t entirely match their meaning.
A: I fully agree! One problem with doing a generic focus tree this way, is that very little love was given to minor nations since HOI4’s release, meaning that many foci icons and images from the game are often tailored towards a particular major’s focus tree, making them woefully inadequate or out of place to be used in a tree that is going to be applied to all minors. To this extent, I am working on creating images to be used for foci and national spirits that will better represent what that foci/spirit represents.

Q: I found something misspelled.
A: Don’t worry, I will correct all of those in time. Since I will be modifying foci and whatnot in the future, I reserve extensive spell-checking until I am satisfied with how it works.

Q: Does this work with the 1939 start?
A: Technically yes, although I will not be balancing this mod for that start date for numerous reasons.

Credits: Mr.Sir

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