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Hearts of Iron IV – Once A Holy Empire

Once A Holy Empire mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Early Beta Stages (Small Focus Trees)

What if the Holy Roman Empire still existed? In this mod, the Kaiser has lost his grip on power, but has a small stronghold of land in the Czech mountains, he craves for the power he once had. In the era that was WW1, the world around the HRE was in great instability, causing internal struggles, that led to the eventual collapse of the government. Now, the former lands of the HRE are ruled by warlords, all fighting for their land, while the once great Kaiser plots from Prague. Will you be a warlord, striving to have the lands of the former lands of the HRE under your boot? Will you be the Kaiser, who wants to rule the lands of his birthright, and reclaim the throne? Or will you be an outside power, striking at the Germanic beast while it is weak?

Looking for devs!

Credits: Kaiser Wilhelm II, Dark, Darker, yet Darker, Nick and 5

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