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Hearts of Iron IV – New World:Legacy of Great War

New World:Legacy of Great War for Hearts of Iron IV

Greetings, this mod is an extension of the versions for the vanilla version of HoI4.
Our task is to make an interesting gameplay before the 60s. The first thing we want to realize is adequate historical or alternative gameplay from 36 to 46 years.

Expanded Tech Tree!

New technology branch that has been extended for 5 and 10 years.
New jet figters!
IFV! and new MBT!

More Resources!

Added more resources to China, the USSR and Japan.
Also now more resources in Africa and South America.

Big thanks for tech tree!m00nnsplit

New Focuses

New generic focus tree
Also new focus tree for Germany, USSR, Japan and Italy!

Credits: AnZo, M a u z e r

Download Hearts of Iron IV – New World:Legacy of Great War - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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