Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron IV – New Turkey

New Turkey for Hearts of Iron IV.

Version 1.3:

  • +10 new events for Turkey have been added.
  • Various bugs and localisation errors have been fixed.
  • Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman islamic leaders’ portraits and islamic flags have been added.
  • Islamic reactionary and islamic parties have been added all these countries for Islamism boost.
  • Islamism can no longer be boosted. Islamic reactionaries have been added all muslim countries (indepent in 1936).
  • Islamism on the Rise now can be visible all muslim countries (indepent in 1936).
  • Straits crisis ,between Soviet Union and Turkey, has been added.
  • 1 new state for Soviet Union (Batumi) and 1 new focus for Turkey have been added.
  • Soviet Union AI has been updated during Straits Crisis.
  • Cyprus event has been reworked for United Kingdom.
  • Some of focuses’ effects and prerequistes have been updated.

Updated on 01/09/2020

Version 1.2:

  • Historical and alternate AI strategies have been added for Turkey.
  • New decisions have been added about Islamism.
  • Minor localisation errors have been fixed.
  • DP (Demokrat Parti or Democrat Party) has a new leader.
  • Game Rules have been extended and now you can decide AI Turkey’s behaviors (Default, Fascist, Islamist, Communist and Democrat AI has added).
  • 2 new political advisors have been added for Turkey.
  • Demilitarized straits zone have been updated for historical accuracy. From now Bursa and Eastern Thrace no longer demilitarized zone.
  • Also troops have been moved from Eastern Thrace to Anatolia.
  • When Celal Bayar resigned from his party via event, player still hire him as an advisor. This fixed.
  • Some of focuses’ effects have been updated.
  • 1936 Turkey’s politics have been updated. (CHP %80, DP %10, MP %5, HİP %5)
  • Various bugs have been fixed and event trigger conditions has been updated.

Updated on 31/08/2020

Version 1.1:

  • When Village Institutes have removed via event, both national spirits still stands (Village Institutes and Village Institutes Closed). This fixed.
  • 10+ events have been added for Turkey.
  • New national spirits and ideas has been added for Turkey.
  • Islamist triggers have been added (Islamism on the Rise). You can select these decisions if Islamist party gains enough amount of popularity.
  • Various localisation errors have been fixed.
  • Some check conditions have been improved and AI now decide better.
  • Some of focus names have been edited also some of focuses’ effects has been updated.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.0:

  • A unique focus tree for Turkey. It contains 102 unique national focuses (greater than ITA and SOV focuses also almost equal Balkan Nations’ focuses).
  • 50+ new events in total. 32 events for Turkey.
  • 6 new international events.
  • Unique Turkish national spirits and ideas.
  • Renewed political advisors, military staffs, tank, naval, air, industrial companies and military theorists.
  • A new ideology for Turkey. Islamism can be enabled via focus tree. Special events for this new ideology.
  • Updated number of divisions (army and air), historically accurate population data.
  • 9 new states in total. 6 states for Turkey. Some of the states borders has been changed.
  • Strategic air map has been divided as Western and Eastern Anatolia.
  • National focus also contains 2 alternative history paths.
  • New opinion modifiers have been added.
  • New traits have been added for Turkey’s leaders and advisors.
  • 11 new generals and 3 new field marshals have been added with their portraits.
  • Also 4 admirals have been added with their portraits.


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