Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron IV – New Rebalance

New Rebalance mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Mod change every game stats. You can find changes everywhere: units stats, doctrines focus or ideas.


  • New focus: Soviet Union, Italy, France, Minors.
  • Change and fix all country focuses. Basic focus time 5. (focus 50 or 25 days/vanila 70-35)


  • Reworked Mass Assault doctrine
  • Ship Modules reworked
  • Change planes damage against ships
  • Land-based Naval bomber add range and add strategic bombing . Carrier-based Naval bomber can strategic bombing,
  • Change IC for all equipment.
  • Add more factories for France/Italy/Japan/Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia .
  • Rework resource map.


  • Add embargo decision
  • Add transfer ships
  • Add close trade for your subjects
  • Rework all vanilla decisions


  • Region event: add small buff for your specific region
  • Industry event: add buff or debuff
  • Huge territory: add small IC debuff, but you can recruit more soldiers from non-core(+10%)

Other changes:

  • Change basic AI temlates. AI builds more tanks.
  • AI not spam divisions(AI limit)
  • Less convoys for lend-lease weapons/at-guns/aa-guns/ howitzers and support equipment.
  • Fixed Yalta(remove DDR core from Silesia and POL from West Ukraine and West Belorussia add SOV core for Kaliningrad)
  • Basic Dockyard output from 2.5 to 5, Basic Military and civilian factory output from 5 to 7
  • Many changes and fixes for evets and idea

Credits: Mauzer

Download Link #1

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