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Hearts of Iron IV – Nazis Rise from the Ashes : 1945

Nazis Rise from the Ashes : 1945 mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

This mod is about after WW2, at 1945 when Hitler and some of his close advisers escaped to a German island and started their fight secretly to liberate the homeland!
This mod has historical Europe & Africa map of 1945. I didn’t change anything in the Japanese front.
If this mod was faced by success, i may add a national focus tree to Japan!

German Reich is completed! you can play with Germany as you want!

Mod features:

  • Start date : 1945.
  • German Generals & Marshals.
  • German Army based on the SS.
  • National Focus tree for German Reich.
  • New advisers and military staff for the Reich.
  • Historical Europe & Africa maps for 1945 ( I didn’t touch Asia or the Americas ).
  • A lot of new events for the Reich! Explore it all by yourself

Credits: Imperialist

Download Link #1

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