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Hearts of Iron IV – Namibia Rework

Namibia Rework mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

I decided to expand upon the idea by creating an independent Namibia lead by the one and only Adolf Hitler.

All functions of the mod should be working as intended, I will add more custom images and other flavour in the future but for the time being I focused on functionality.


  • Fully working focus tree
  • Events
  • Increasing the Namibian Population
  • Exploiting Africa for it’s Resources
  • Formable African Reich
  • World conquest!
  • Adolf HitlerPlans
  • Expanding army and industry trees a little more
  • Balancing the mod (start with debuffs?)
  • More flavour images and expanded lore text
  • Adding more generals and field marshals

Credits: WalleBalle

Download Link #1

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