Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron IV – Music Universe

Music Universe for Hearts of Iron IV.

Featuring over 200 songs for countries worldwide!

The mod is Ironman and multiplayer compatible.Information

– At least 15 songs for the seven main countries! (all of them translated to English too)
– An average of 5-7 songs for countries with focus trees!
– Of course, all of them are “regionalized” so songs will only play in accordance to the nation you play, ensuring full immersion!
– “Generic” songs featuring classical pieces which can keep you company as we add more songs on a weekly basis!Roadmap

– Song translation into English for the rest of the track.
– Make any volume adjustments based on feedback.
– More songs for the minors without focus trees (at least the national anthem for every tag in-game).
– Ideology exclusive songs for those with the Radio DLCs.

Aren’t there a lot of other music mods already on the workshop?
Yes but I found most of them either:
1) Focus on one genre too much (e.g. classical music, jazz, etc.).
2) Focus on one country or faction only (e.g. German music, Japanese music, etc.).
3) Seem very expanded with multiple radio stations for individual countries that the user might get lost or have to spend much time activating and deactivating those stations.
4) Are good but are optimized for total conversion mods, thus resulting in some anomalies here and there.

The general idea is a simple but massive music mod oriented towards giving the player immersion without them having to interact too much. Sort of like the Kaiserreich Music mods I guess.

Note: While most songs are in public domain, there is the risk of YouTube videos being muted due to copyright claims of the songs in this mod. Thus, it is advisable to not use this mod while recording or streaming.

Credits: Aurora

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