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Hearts of Iron IV – More States

More States for Hearts of Iron IV.

In the vanilla game, many states are not well made, way too big or unrealistic for the time. That always bothered me. So now i finally decided to create a mod to balance this issue, but without adding annoying stuff nobody wants or needs in a extended vanilla experience (beautiful states *cough cough*).

As Example: You now get additional states like danzig or stettin seperately for more peace conferences possibilities.

And so not enough, I added (and im still adding) many states to enhance the possibilities.

Current New States:

“Malmedy” – Belgium
“South Jutland” – Denmark
“Southern Sudetenland” – Czechia
“Triest” – Italy
“Wallis” – Switzerland
“French Swiss” – Switzerland
“Tessin” – Switzerland
“Graubünden” – Switzerland
“Pomurska” – Yugoslavia
“Syrmia” – Yugoslavia
“Kosovo” – Yugoslavia
“Sopluk” – Yugoslavia
“Timok and Branicevo” – Yugoslavia
“Polog” – Yugoslavia
“Northern Dobrudja” – Romania
“Nancy” – France
“Etain” – France
“Belfort” – France
“Saarland” – Germany
“Stettin” – Germany
“Edirne” – Turkey
“Danzig” – Poland
“Northern Hålogaland” – Norway
“Gjakova” – Yugoslavia
“Carniola” – Yugoslavia
“Vinodol Podgorje” – Yugoslavia
“Lika-Gacka” – Yugoslavia
“Cetinje” – Yugoslavia
“Kefalonia” – Greece
“Loannina” – Greece
“Thessalia” – Greece
“Alexandroupolis” – Greece
“Athina” – Greece
“Haute-Savoie” – France
“Nice” – France
“Eastern Wallonia” – Belgium
“Sedan” – France
“Baden” – German Reich
“Limburg” – Netherlands
“Dél-Alföld” – Hungary
“Saaremaa and Hiiumaa” – Estonia
“East Srpska” – Yugoslavia
“West Srpska” – Yugoslavia
“West Bosnia” – Yugoslavia
“West Herzegovina” – Yugoslavia
“Montana” – Bulgaria
“Lovech” – Bulgaria
“Ruse and Varna” – Bulgaria
“South Albania” – Albania
“North Albania” – Albania
“Trentino” – Italy

Middle East:
“Hatay” – France (Syria)
“Sues” – UK (Egypt)

Far East:
“Aleyevka” – Soviet Union
“Eastern Siberian Coastline” – Soviet Union
“Kamtschatka” – Soviet Union
“Leizhou” – Guangxi Clique

“Québec” – Canada
“Tarapaca” – Chile
“Caldera” – Chile
“Punta Arenas” – Chile
“Formosa” – Argentine
“Misiones” – Argentine
“Corrientes” – Argentine
“Entre Ríos” – Argentine
“Salta” – ArgentinePlanned content

Fixed German Empire event, Danzig now gets annexed too
Fixed all formable nations requirements and cores

Credits: [KRC] Wubs

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