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Hearts of Iron IV – More Ship Names

More Ship Names for Hearts of Iron IV

A Massive Expansion of Naval Ship Names! (MAR 2019 Update!)
Works with HOI 4 Ver. 1.6.1

Hate having bland ships without glory and uniqueness?
Have you ever had your immersion broken by the default ships names (ex. USS Light Cruiser 1)?
Do you want to rule the seas with your possible hometown named ship?

Well then this is the Mod for you!

This mod adds a lot of Shipnames that updates your default ship list. Names that is rather Lore Friendly

These ships aren’t necessarily real, as realisticly there wouldn’t be this much ships in a country’s navy but at least you have names for your lions at sea.

Currently only available for the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy but more is coming so stay tuned!

Do note that some ships may have the same name because either a mistake or a pre-existing name/event.

Ship Name List

United States Navy:

(DD) Destroyers=76 New Names
(CL) Light Cruisers= 200 New Names
(CA) Heavy Cruisers=60 New Names
(BC) Battlecruisers=55 New Names
(BB) Battleships=102 New Names
(CV) Carrier=33 New Names

Basis/Source of USN Names:

Destroyers are State Governors
Light Cruisers are real locations
Heavy Cruisers are Vice Presidents
Battlecruisers are American Battles/Wars as well as overseas territory
Battleships are basically Majestic Names
Carriers are Presidents

Imperial Japanese Navy:

(DD) Destroyers=70 New Names
(CL) Light Cruisers=122 New Names
(CA) Heavy Cruisers=88 New Names
(BC) Battlecruisers=84 New Names
(BB) Battleships=54 New Names
(CV) Carriers=50 New Names

Basis/Source of IJN Names:

Destroyers are Common Japanese Names
Light Cruisers are Japanese Towns
Heavy Cruisers are Japanese Cities
Battlecruisers are Japanese Battles, Rebellion, Wars across it’s history
Batleships are Japanese Prefectures/Province
Carriers are Emperors/Empress

Also countless more from the default folder if you are playing a mod that removes those names.

If you are having problems, please state them in the bugs thread!


Compatibility is still being tested, please tell me if they work in certain mods!
Confirmed to work with:

Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided

Check out our R56 Submod Version here:
Road to 56 Submod: More Ship Names

Enjoy your immersion booster!

Credits: Yeoldeknight, Praefectus Classis Hiberno

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