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Hearts of Iron IV – More Alternate History 1.6 – Russia

More Alternate History 1.6 – Russia for Hearts of Iron IV

This mod aims to bring more alternative history paths to the Soviet union, and has a democratic path, a Tsarist path, and a fascist path.

All three alternate paths are fully fleshed out options with wargoals, bonuses, and factions and leaders.
However my most proud achievement is that it is compatible with custom game rules. You can tell the ai to go democratic, fascist, or tsarist and it will do just that.

This is just Part one of this mod, as other countries without real alternate paths are next on my list to conquer.

Current plan-
Italy (in progress)
France (expand on existing tree, and add monarchist)
Spain (hopefully, this one is more difficult because civil war)

Credits: Zachdogg

Download Hearts of Iron IV – More Alternate History 1.6 – Russia - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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