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Hearts of Iron IV – Modified Difficulty

Modified Difficulty for Hearts of Iron IV

mod·i·fy – ˈmädəˌfī/ – verb
Make partial or minor changes to (something), typically so as to improve it or to make it less extreme.
dif·fi·cul·ty – ˈdifəkəltē/ – noun
The state or condition of being difficult.

All technicalities aside, this mod lets you change the custom difficulties for most countries beyond those allowed in vanilla Hoi4. There have been other mods that have done this, but they did not cover the warlords from WTT, or even Poland. This has been remedied, and aside from the vanilla eight, they are in alphabetical order.

Per vanilla, China includes both Nationalist China and the Peoples Republic of China. The Chinese Warlords can be increased as a group by changing the Chinese Warlords setting. They are also available to select individually.
Per vanilla, Japan includes Mengkukuo, but Mengkukuo can be selected seperately.

Changing Spain’s setting will affect both Republican and Nationalist Spain.

Updated for 1.6.*.

Credits: rafled

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