Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron IV – Mobile Units Overhaul

Mobile Units Overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Reviewed the performance of mechanized such as automobile units and tank units.
Add mechanized army buff to land doctrine.


  • Increased the maximum speed of Armored Car, Tanks, and Mechanized.
  • Increased the anti-personnel attack power of Heavy Tanks 2 and 3 by 30% compared to medium tanks of the same age.
  • Increased various parameters and reduced the production cost of Motorized Rocket Artillery (Katyusha), and changed the maximum speed to 14km/h.
  • Increased HP and Organization of Armored Car.
  • Mechanized research started one year earlier, can now be modified using experience.
  • Added buffs to various army doctrines, such as those for tanks
  • Changed the resource requirements for some units.
  • Increased the fort attack power of heavy tanks and super heavy tanks.

Credits: boost1214

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