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Hearts of Iron IV – Map Tweaks Ancient

Map Tweaks Ancient for Hearts of Iron IV

Map Tweaks franchise improves visibility of the maps extremely.
It switches two modes, strategic and tactical, automatically. All you need is zooming in/out.

Ironman compatible.

This is dark water version. Please see also standard version.


Now color adjustment feature is optional.
If you prefer brighter color, please try Map Tweaks [Color Option]

1. Strategic Mode

When you zoom out, each country is beautifully painted in its color.
It looks like old-fashioned Paradox games.

2. Tactical Mode

When you zoom in, only country borders are drawn.
It is almost the same as vanilla, but the inside of them isn’t painted.

3. Hints

I recommend to turn off ‘High quality pixel shaders’ in Video Options.
It makes Strategic Mode more beautiful, but some terrains such as snow are omitted.

4. More Features

– Remove water reflection includes a projection of the sun.
– Make country borders thinner in Default map.
– Make gradations more subtle in Strategic Navy/Air maps.

5. Another Version

– Map Tweaks (standard version)

Credits: FUN

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Map Tweaks Ancient - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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