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Hearts of Iron IV – Kaiserreich Submod – Immersive Puppets

Kaiserreich Submod – Immersive Puppets for Hearts of Iron IV

What does this mod do?

It replaces various blank/randomised Kaiserreich leaders with either placeholder leaders that imply collective leadership (various Councils of State, Croatian Sabor, so on) or different leaders that already had portraits done by the KR team. All placeholder leaders have portraits – either ones already within the mod files (Swiss Council pic, Commune of Hawaii pic, Horthy and Nasser portraits), or ones that I whipped up (Croatian Sabor, Syndie Croatia, Syndie Austria)

Why the title?

This mod concerns releasable nations and nations that can’t reach certain ideologies thru their focus trees. This means that you likely won’t encounter the changes made unless you puppet a country in the Northern Balkans, in Africa, or in a part of the Americas. Also, the mod’s visual effect is supposed to lessen the impact on immersion that puppeting some countries in KR can cause.

Notable Changes?

– All releasable tags in colonial Africa have been purged of blank/randomised portraits
– Syn/Totalist/RadSoc Egypt is now led by Gamal Abdel Nasser
– Austria and its dependencies will no longer throw up randomised leaders when released by non-monarchists
– Horthy is now leader of NatPop Hungary
– Stepinac is now leader of NatPop, PatAut, and AuthDem Croatia
– Various African leaders (monarchs, mainly) now tied to more than one ideology
– Canada and Puerto Rico now have placeholder (collective) leaders in place of randomised ones
– Custom (although lackluster) portraits for Austrian and Croatian collective leaders
– Niclas y Glais now becomes the leader of both Scotland and Wales if he splits up the UoB
– Panama’s Syn/NatPop/RadSoc/Totalist leadership no longer randomised

Future goals?

– Create more variety among collective/placeholder leaders
– Keep this mod up to date as new KR versions come out
– Make more custom portraits

Wanna thank anybody?

Sure, yeah. The KR team. Why not. They’re doing an awesomesauce job.
Also the KR community, or at least the parts that aren’t slobbering over the perpetrators of genocide <3

Credits: Bolwing

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