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Hearts of Iron IV – Kaiserreich: Russia Rework

Kaiserreich: Russia Rework for Hearts of Iron IV.

Kaiserreich: Russia Rework is a submod for a popular HOI4 mod Kaiserreich. The submod is focused on reworking and expanding Russia political paths, including new focuses, events, icons, national spirits, foreign and economic policy, etc.

New Content includes:

  • Alash Orda focus tree
  • Expanded Transamur focus tree
  • Expanded Russia & Russian Socialist Republic focus trees

Overall, there are 39 political paths to choose with unique national focuses, including:

  • 3 political paths for Alash Orda;
  • 10 political paths for Transamur;
  • 6 political paths for Russian Socialist Republic
  • 20 political paths for Russia

Credits: soclibdictator

Download Link #1

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