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Hearts of Iron IV – Ireland Expanded

Ireland Expanded mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

This is an overhaul mod for Ireland, aiming to add more flavour to an Ireland play-through, without significantly affecting game balanceUnique Focus Tree for Ireland

-Gives Ireland its own focus tree. The tree is divided into three sections: the economic tree on the left, focused on improving national resources, the military tree on the right, focused on improving military production, making defensive preparations, and providing bonuses to the armed forces, and finally the political tree, focused on both managing internal and foreign affairs.

The Political tree gives three main options:
1. Siding with the Fine Gael to restore relations with the Commonwealth, and join the cause of the allies
2. Siding with the Fianna Fáil to establish the Republic of Ireland, before making a choice of whether to engage in the war, and what side to join
3. Honouring the Legacy of Revolution to support a fascist or communist takeover of Ireland, joining either the Axis or Comintern respectivelyStronger Starting Position

-Increases the size of Ireland’s starting army from 1 Division to 5, giving your army a bit of a head-start

-Gives Ireland a small Navy and Air force, so that you may engage with other branches of the armed forces from the start (even though these changes are not strictly historically accurate)

-Despite these changes, in addition to bonuses provided by the focus tree, don’t expect Ireland to become a superpower, but it should be able now to field a more significant force, and have a bigger impact if it gets involved in the warRicher Historical Flavour

-The Hoi 4 period covers a critical part of Irish history – the foundation of the modern Republic of Ireland, and as such, this mod adds a lot of flavour to Ireland’s starting position, and its experience of the period

-Deal with putting an end to the 1932-38 Anglo-Irish Trade war to get your industry started – be sure to focus down taking the “Coal-Cattle Pact” and “Confirmation of Agreements Act” Decisions early

-Work to establish the new constitution with the Fianna Fáil, moving out of the shadow of Britain, or purse alternate paths working with Britain with the Fine Gael, or seeking to reignite hostilities with either the Corporate or Communist Parties

-Deal with the legacy of the 1921-22 Civil War, and the subsequent split of the Irish Republican Army from the National Army, closely managing the relationship between the state and the irregulars, supporting or opposing them as you see fit (and dealing with the consequences of doing so)

-Events for IRA activity against Britain during the war (as long as they haven’t been integrated into the Irish National Army) to represent S-Plan and the Northern Campaign

-Makes Northern Ireland more messy – rather than just being a core of both Britain and Ireland for the whole game, it can become a source of resistance. Britain will lose its core on the territory with the start of the Northern Campaign, and will have to build compliance or deploy troops to put the IRA down and re-establish their core. Similarly, should Ireland gain possession of the North, Protestant and Unionist rebels will seek to challenge Irish rule, temporarily removing the Irish core on the state, and requiring either compliance to be rebuilt or troops to be deployed

Credits: Fart Shartley

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