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Hearts of Iron IV – IR Sanguinem et Lacrimas

IR Sanguinem et Lacrimas for Hearts of Iron IV.

This mod greatly alters most of the technologies without straying too far from vanilla, for extra immersion, realism and historical accuracy.

From amphibious tanks, to commandeering civilian vehicles all the way to chemical warfare.

  • Adds tons of research to the artillery folder; from railway guns, like the unused US M1920, to early SAM, such as the German Rheintochter, and early ATGMs, such as the French SS.10.
  • Includes Araxiel’s Arty Upgrades for SPs.
  • Includes variant upgrades for all land-based equipment; from SAMs to Motorised.
  • Expands the industry folder into the early 50s and adds various specific construction buffs.
  • Amphibious tanks and APCs such as the American Sherman DD, the German Landwasserschlepper or the Japanese Type 2 Ka-Mi; historic equipment with images where applicable.
  • Glider tanks, such as the Mk VII Tetrarch.
  • Penal battalions and political commissar detachments for the Commulists and Fascists amongst us.
  • Desert and jungle equipment and winter training for the troops.
  • Chemical Warfare mechanics: unleash this deadly weapon in combat and force the enemy to react, but beware of the diplomatic consequences; once the genie is out of the bottle it can’t be put back in.
  • Officer schools to improve your commanders.
  • Civilian press manipulation for the home-front; strengthen your government against foreign subversive activities or requisition civilian vehicles for the front.
  • Extensive research went into this to bring the most historically accurate experience, while still trying to maintain a balance and remain entertaining and familiar. From description to names, images and appropriate introductory years.

This mod greatly changes the technology folders. This means it’s pretty much incompatible with any other mod that changes or adds technologies. Mods such as The Road to 56 do not work with this, and obvious mods like WW1 mods or Millennium Dawn do not work with this either.
That said; most normal mods should work with this since they don’t change technologies.

Credits: Mirecek0010

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