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Hearts of Iron IV – Historical Poland Anime Submod

Historical Poland Anime Submod for Hearts of Iron IV

Have you ever wanted more realistic portraits for your XX-century Winged Hussars? Looking for an unique experience while playing Poland? Look no more!

Now you can play Historical Poland, with anime girls and their cute voices, soundtrack included!


– All portraits in Poland, literally all of them are weebified

– More than 100 new portraits and graphics included!

– The loading screens are affected from the weeb disease too

– Oh my goodness, what happened to their voices?

– It seems like anime plague has spread into the sountrack, featuring over 20 tracks that will play during your Japano-Polish adventure

Credits: nande kore wa, My personal favourite cream

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Historical Poland Anime Submod - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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