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Hearts of Iron IV – Historical naval gun type

Historical naval gun type for Hearts of Iron IV

Added the “historical” naval gun missing from the game.
Now,Already added:
German 42cm SK/48 C/40.
USA 18″/47MK A
English 18″ MK II
Japanese 51cm Type 96
German 533mm 48/SK C/43
The model will continue to be updated.
Super Heavy Battery 2.

Update log.2019.3.2
New levels:
heavy battery v.5

The corresponding:
English 16″ MK I Quadruple assembly
USA 16″/55 MK 7
Japanese 410mm/50 Type 97 Triple assembly
France 430mm/45 Model 1944
German 503mm/52 sk/c 42 Duplex assembly

New Gun with Super Heavy battery :
France 450mm/45 Model 1944

Fixed: Super heavy Bettary Cost 200 —–2200

Credits: Pane-Peter

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