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Hearts of Iron IV – Historic Geographical Overhaul – Legacy

Historic Geographical Overhaul – Legacy for Hearts of Iron IV.

Historic Geographical Overhaul is a complete overhaul mod which turns HOI4 into a mapping tool. You can now remake historical borders including: The Cold War, World War One, the Napoleonic Wars, or even your favourite alternate history mods. This mod adds almost ten thousand new states and countless new releasable nations for you to use.

HGO Legacy is a stable release of HGO that currently works in 1.9, but is missing newer features of the main mod. The experimental version of HGO includes a greatly expanded ideology system and dynamic state renaming, but they have not been fully implemented yet. As such, the main branch of HGO does not currently have an updated steam version, but links to its Discord and GitHub where you can try out and learn more about the upcoming features can be found at the end of the description.


This mod is a complete overhaul of the HOI4 map. It will likely be incompatible with most other mods, and it is pointless using gameplay-altering mods alongside HGO as it cannot be unpaused.
Toolpack is included within this mod, as is the Simple Country Colour and Skin Changer addon.
This mod IS NOT ironman compatible for obvious reasons.
No DLC is required to run HGO, and having DLC enabled will not break HGO, but will not change gameplay in any way.Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I unpause? Why can’t I do anything?
A: HGO is not meant for standard gameplay. It’s purely to make maps and alternate history scenarios using Toolpack, as well as providing mapping resources to fellow modders.

Q: Will you make a playable version of HGO?
A: No, it’s impossible. There would be no naval elements, horrible balancing, and too much lag and instability. Other mods exist that add more states while still allowing you to play the game, but cannot go into the same level of map detail as HGO. You can’t have both.

Q: Can I use the provinces from HGO for my own mod?
A: Yes! Credit is not required, though it would be appreciated.

Q: Why are countries not in factions or puppets anymore?
A: For some reason, when a country is in a faction or is a puppet (or both), it slows the process of transferring states. Hence why they’re disabled. You can still use the puppeting tool, however.

Q: Why aren’t buildings showing up in states?
A: Buildings no longer appear on the map, which reduces a lot of potential workload, and also removes close to 80,000 errors.

Q: What’s up with the water?
A: Water is now a “country” and has regular states instead of sea zones, meaning you can now edit coastlines, drain lakes and more simply by using toolpack.

Q: How do you make a nation monarchist?
A: Monarchism isn’t in Legacy’s toolpack. If you want to make a country monarchist, you’ll have to tag to it via the console and then use this command: “set_ruling_party monarchism”

Q: Do the HGO Graphics and HGO Music submods work with HGO Legacy?
A: These submods are already integrated into HGO Legacy, so you should probably disable them if you’re running them separately.

Credits: N0zza

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