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Hearts of Iron IV – HGO Lite

HGO Lite mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

The Best Mod just got even Better! This is the continuation of the popular “Beautiful States” and “Beautiful States Reborn” mod. It contains all old features plus lots of new additions. This mod mainly adds new states, releasable and formable nations, but at the same time enhances the gameplay through additional decisions. Just check it out and give it a try!

Changes of HGO Lite:

-new States for/in:
-Bulgaria (for accurate Ottoman 1910 Borders)
-Libya (Ottoman Libya)
-Completely new Arabian States (with a borderstrip-thing for Ottomen)
-German Polish Borderstrip
-Piedmont Sardinia Borders
-Greek (for accurate Axis occupation)
-Czechia (for accurate RP Böhmen & Mähren)
-added New York City
-added Entenschnabel
-added Roman Egyptian Borders (MAJOR thanks to HGO)
-tweaked Saharan desert (changes around the impassable area)

-new Reichskommisariats:
-RK Turkestan
-RK Westsibirien
-RK Ostsibirien

-new decisions for RKs:
-Expand Ostland
-Expand Ukraine
-Transfer Crimea to Ukraine
-Transfer Far Eastern Provinces to Japan (Outer Manchuria, and some part of siberia)

Credits: Jingo Spunk, Cass, Snowman

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