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Hearts of Iron IV – HGO Graphics Submod

HGO Graphics Submod for Hearts of Iron IV.

This is the standalone graphics submod for use with Historic Geographical Overhaul. It will work without HGO, but will not look the same for several reasons. See the HGO Legacy steam page for what HGO Graphics looks like when run with HGO, and the Frequently Asked Questions for what it looks like when run standalone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s up with the water?
A: HGO Graphics does not change Hoi4’s water textures. HGO Graphics is built specifically for use with HGO, which replaces standard water states with a recoloured water “country.”

Q: Do the HGO Graphics and HGO Music submods work with HGO Legacy?
A: These submods are already integrated into HGO Legacy, so you should probably disable them if you’re running them separately.

Credits: N0zza

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