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Hearts of Iron IV – Hereditary Designers AHE

Hereditary Designers AHE for Hearts of Iron IV

If you love uniqueness and utterly HATE the generic aspects of a game, then you and I are the same…

Here I present you with a mod that allows you to inherit all of the Czechoslovakian companies and political/military advisers that do not do what your Hungarian ones do, Eg: you do not inherit Avia as a light aircraft company because you already have M.W aircraft to do that for you.

I’ve also taken it upon myself to make Ganz Danubius and all other unique naval companies belonging to inland sea countries into a unique kind of naval designer called…

You guessed it… Inland sea fleet designer!

This new designer takes upon the concept from which the newest Italian Littorio battleships where developed: Why focus on range if we strive for control of the “insert name of an inland sea in here” sea?

As an extra I went ahead to fix a certain province that was supposed to belong to the Sebia state but instead was in the Croatia state…


Credits: leteo39

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