Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron IV – Hearts of Unhistorical : Kappa Fork

Hearts of Unhistorical : Kappa Fork for Hearts of Iron IV.

Adds events, focus trees, gfx, and more.

Added Nations:
Frankfurt – focus tree
Mozambique – focus tree
Chinese Concession Cities – focus tree
Crete – focus tree
Rhodesia – focus tree
Undertale Nation of Ebott – focus tree

Nations with added content:

Some political changes were made around the map, as well as slight adjustments to things like ideas, focus trees, and states for balancing (and we say balancing, but let it be known that this mod is not balanced in any way). For example, new focus to Germany to war Frankfurt.

Credits to some incorporated mods:
Spot Optimization Mod
Colored Buttons / UI
Make Peace , Not War
Trade Embargo
Realistic Nukes 1.10.*
Nonreflective water
Division Limits++
Rename Factions w/ Keyboard
Recall Volunteers
Diplomacy Alignment Triangle 1.10
Change Capital (via Decisions)
Puppet Diplomacy 1.10
More Generic Portraits
SOO Optimization Mod
Extended Govt Laws
2x Faster National Focus

Credits: RainbowKappa

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