Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron IV – Grind World

Grind World for Hearts of Iron IV.

Do you like to GRIND?
Is your definition of GRIND “taking over my neighbors by beating them into a pulp and forcing their surrender”?
Do you like your world maps looking extra MESSY?

Come no further.
Welcome to Grind World, a mod featuring 40 totally unique countries based on members of a small community. Chances are you may know some of these people, or you may not! Depends on where you’ve gotten around.


  • Every Grind Nation has a default focus tree.
  • One admiral, general, and marshal.
  • Kinda weird looking UI changes (armies).
  • 40 totally unique countries! Each with some brief history.

Known issues:

  • When a country switches ideology their flag goes blank.
  • No idea if this works with Man the Guns, don’t have it.
  • No advisors.

Credits: Kazmic

Download Link #1

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