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Hearts of Iron IV – FFU WW1 / Great War Rebalanced

FFU WW1 / Great War Rebalanced mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Mod is meant to replace the Original “The Great War ” Mod in historical competitive multiplayer session similar to Horst / GDU. Mod aims to rebalance technology, units, buildings, stats, and defines. Along with that, mod changes some of the graphics, and performance of the game. Entirely new map that covers only Europe with close to 2x provinces depending on Area. Map is is from the Magna Europa mod team.


  • Ahistorical focuses removed.
  • Several Combat / Balancing changes.
  • QoL changes
  • Changing Templates cost 0 Army EXP.
  • Performance changes.
  • Tech balancing / non useless techs.
  • More provinces/tiles in France / Belgium .
  • New ideas and focus trees.
  • New advisors.
  • Magna Europa map

Credits: Frenchie

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