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Hearts of Iron IV – FarCry 5 Hope County

FarCry 5 Hope County for Hearts of Iron IV

I am working on an update that basically overhauls this mod adding in a bunch of new national focus, ideoligys and more. not sure when it will be released but im trying to do it as fast as i can with little to no errors in the final verson.

Whats new – added a small but okay focus tree

This mod adds Hope County/Edens Gate into hoi4
Its still a wip (kinda) but its playable
you can change the ruling party to diffrent members of the seed family
credit to Admrial Piett for the pictures of the family

Credits: Robo man 3000

Download Hearts of Iron IV – FarCry 5 Hope County - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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