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Hearts of Iron IV – Falling Blocks

Falling Blocks mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

A classic arcade puzzle game, remade in HoI4 usings Scripted GUIs.

Fill rows with falling blocks of seven types! Rotate them to fit each other. The more rows you fill at the same time, the more points you get. You can also choose to instantly drop (hard drop) a block for more points! The game ends when the blocks reach the top rows.

Full keyboard control. Sadly, keys cannot be remapped. Blocks will fall when the game is unpaused at a rate of one per ingame hour. Change game speed to control difficulty.

You can open the window through the Decisions menu. Should you close the window, your progress will not be reset, but paused.

It’s not fully tested, so let me know if you notice any bugs! The more details you can give me, the better.

Requires 1.9.1 or newer to work.

Is not Ironman compatible, and it is impossible to make it so. It is not multiplayer compatible either.

Credits: Yard1

Download Link #1

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