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Hearts of Iron IV – Extreme Boost Pack (Can Disable/Enable at will)

Extreme Boost Pack (Can Disable/Enable at will) for Hearts of Iron IV

In this mod you can do several things like build, construct, research faster also has a revamped generic trees increases xp caps and a lot more. I’d recommend looking at the pictures of the mod.

The AI cannot take these decisions only the player can.
The other stuff in the mod like the revamped tree and the division limit etc. will affect AI.

Note: When using 100% training if you go pass that threshold it will no longer work for example if you pick up an adviser that gives 10% less time to training 100% will stop working so you’ll need to do the math on which one to pick.

When using the remove decision that appears after selecting a mod the idea will be removed but the modifiers will be removed after the month ends meaning that after you cancel the decision it will take full effect at the end of the month.

This does not mean you can choose another decision for example my fast ship building mod has 4 options 200%, 1000%, 3000%, and 5000%.
When you select 1000% for example all of the decisions will disappear for fast ship building but a new one will appear.
The new one will be a remove decision which removes the idea added by the 1000% decision.
When the idea is removed it will remove the national idea but the modifiers will still be active.
Once the month you are on the modifiers will then be removed.
When you use the remove decision it will add 200%, 1000%, 3000%, and 5000% back to the decisions list.
At any time you can choose another option or the same option.
For example you decide you want 5000% you can do this it will add the new national idea and will overwrite the modifiers that you previously had from the previous idea.
This means even if you don’t wait till the month end you are not limited as 1000% bonuses will be removed and the 5000% modifiers will be added.
This is how it works with all the decisions as well it’s essentially replacing if you do not let the month end before choosing again.

Also when using the Divisions Boost Mod if you choose one option “That mod has a lot of decisions” all of the decisions will not disappear only their counterparts ie: “Add the same type of boost.”
Meaning that unless it’s like the training decisions that have more than one option to it they will be completely separate ideas that get added when choosing them.
Thus meaning that you will be able to use the Division Boost Mod fully.

Links for other John with an H mods:

Decision mods:

– Fast Construction Can Disable/Enable at will
– Weekly Stability Can Disable/Enable at will
– Fast XP Can Disable/Enable at will
– Fast Ship Building Can Disable/Enable at will
– Fast Research Can Disable/Enable at will
– Fast Political Power Can Disable/Enable at will
– Fast Military Production Can Disable/Enable at will
– Fast Manpower Can Disable/Enable at will
– Fast Ideology Change Can Disable/Enable at will
– Divisions Boost Can Disable/Enable at will

Non-decision mods:

– No Division Limit
– All XP and Poltical Power Capped to 100000
– Revamped Generic National Focus Tree

Mod that contains all of the above mods:

– Extreme Boost Pack Can Disable/Enable at will

Credits: John with an H

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Extreme Boost Pack (Can Disable/Enable at will) - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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