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Hearts of Iron IV – Economy and Military Decisions

Economy and Military Decisions for Hearts of Iron IV


This mod adds Decisions to the game where a country can improve their economic and military situations. These Decisions are unique in that they do not cost Political Power to activate. Instead, factories are required to activate these decisions. The AI will choose these decisions. Hopefully this will allow weaker nations to put up more of a fight because Decisions can enable a nation to add to their depleted manpower. Strong nations can more easily replace and upgrade navies to hopefully allow for more naval battles.

This mod is not meant to be historically accurate, but it will hopefully provide more fun gameplay.


HOI4 1.6.1 (I would expect this mod to work with any game versions as long as you have the DLCs)


This mod does not edit any of the base game files. It should be compatible with all other mods.

Future Updates:

This mod has not been exhaustively tested, so if you discover anything that is game-breaking please let me know. If you have suggestions to change the Decisions please explain why the change should be made and how it would benefit gameplay. I would like to eventually add Decisions to improve Production rates.

Download Hearts of Iron IV – Economy and Military Decisions - Modsup.com Download Link #1


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